Starting a blog was always something I wanted to do. With a computer hard drive full of random (and unorganised) links, images and music I always felt the niggling urge to begin to order, relate and curate.

I remember back to an article I read in mid 2010 in The National Geographic (

It was centred around ‘The Bower Bird’ and its bizarre (and enticingly charming) mating ritual. One that comprised of foraging the immediate world for all things beautiful and arranging them into neat and highly organised piles based on physical characteristics. This in turn will (hopefully) attract a potential suitor.

I instantly began to draw connections between myself and this creature. (Although I’m not so sure my boyfriend is that attracted to the ‘clutter’ of things I bring home. No matter how much I pile them together). I guess for me its more about my constant search for a wide variety of things that at the time may seem completely unrelated but it is through categorisations that they begin to feed into each other and begin to make sense.

* All photos by National Geographic’s photographer Tim Lamen. 2010



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