As the weather gets progressively more dreary outside I am longing for home time already.

By coincidence (or careful blog planning?) ‘Home Time’ is also the current exhibition for my multi-talented cousin Kirsten Perry and the topic of this Friday’s post.

Long since we were children my ‘Cousin Kirsten’ has been making. Whether it be furniture design, gold and silver smithing, ceramics or stop motion animation, she has practised (and mastered) a variety of mediums .  Possessing a real inquisitive nature for material exploration and pushing the limits of form making I am fortunate to have grown up in her creative world. Her vast portfolio is neatly tied together by her ability to give inanimate objects emotional qualities and little personalities. It is art practises like these that always have the ability to make me smile, feel good and be inspired. They are rich in texture, colour and interaction.

Above is a few images (taken by Kirsten) of her current ‘Home Time’ Exhibition, which showcases “a series of building forms imbued with human characteristics, subtly interrogating the void between emotional states and the material forms used to represent them.” *

I have also included a few of my personal favourite pieces by Kirsten. “Tracksuit Plants” being my all time favourite and I also love her line of wearable art.

You can catch Kirsten’s work at Craft Victoria until the 3rd of March. On the final day she will be doing an artists talk at 3pm.



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