This image is one of my favourite photos of domestic life in the Philippines. It was taken on our recent trip and was located in my partner’s mums village of Dulag. Not only does it proclaim the Filipino love of the ‘Coca Cola’ Brand (don’t get me started on how wonderful their ‘Sprite boiled crab’ is!) but it also demonstrates their resourcefulness as a nation.

It got me thinking about the popularity of container based landscape installations, particularly with the increase in ‘house proud renters’.

Fern Richardson,,

Creating a useable and comfortable garden was something I was determined to create when we moved into our place about 6 months ago.  Like most properties the compact concrete courtyard was mentioned nowhere on the brochure. We set ourselves the task to implement garden beds, a vegie patch and plenty of seating into the space, at the lowest possible cost and using a modular network for easy removal. The answer was a combination of plywood, treated pine and 40 bags of potting mix.

Below is a few images that demonstrate the ‘before’ and the ‘after’.

Over the next week or so I would like to feature a few of my favourite renter’s gardens (ones that I have frequented extensively over the summer break).

Stay tuned… 





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