Irene Finklede, Adrianna Fullerton and Caitlin Muscat

As I felt like I had been struggling to stay afloat all day (with Melbourne’s recent weather change) I looked out the Tram window. Passing by was a man; entirely drenched, riding his bike with half his leg in a plaster cast. He wasn’t fighting, he had surrendered to the rain and I’m not sure if I was reading his expression correctly but he didn’t seem that bothered.

It reminded me of some beautiful photographs that my friend Irene Finkelde took in collaboration with Adrianna Fullerton and Caitlin Muscat, way back in 2007. ‘Underwater’ demonstrates a carefree beauty and weightlessness. One which only can be achieved through the act of being submerged.

So tomorrow, when I am battling to get to work with my fringe still in tact and my boots full with water, I hope to cast my mind back to these images and remember that when you surrender to the water it can be a very empowering thing.

Irene Finkelde, Adrianna Fullerton and Caitlin Muscat

Stay tuned next week to catch what interesting things Adrianna Fullerton has been up to recently…

*  The canine version is just as special…




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  1. February 27, 2012

    Those images are beautiful! I’m trying to imagine the e-reader case I lost this morning hanging out in this pool being all surrender-y (rather than being soaked and caked with mud at the tram stop). Thanks for the more positive imagery.

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