‘Decay Time’ is the new spatial acoustic installation by Melbourne Artist Jake Carter.

Set inside the magnificent dome at the Mission to Seafarers (in the Docklands) ‘Decay Time’ explores through water, technology and repetition the ‘unusual sonic character’ of this specific Architectural geometry.

Strategically placed microphones interact with the falling water from the fountain, sending a signal to the synthesiser.  This synthesiser is amplified into the ceiling of the dome and the result is a heightened experience of the spatial environment.

We were lucky enough to meet Jake after hours to not only see how the installation worked but to witness the rooms transformation as the sun set through the oculus.

Our good friend (and local electronic musician) Gerald Wells brought his Moog keyboard along and we were witness to one of the most amazing duets, man vs room.

We set up lights and a projector with artist Jacqui Smith doing live drawings which traced across the domed ceiling.

My partner ‘Bobby Brave’ recorded the 60 minute experience. Here is a snippet of the track below:

12.03.06 – Seafarer’s Dome

All in all it was one of the most exciting ways to spend a Monday night. It was intimate, with only 5 of us in the room, yet spatially and acoustically it was vast and epic. It couldn’t help but to give one chills. The entire experience concreted my love of both music and how we experience it in the spatial environment.

* All photos by ‘thebowernest’ (Caitlin Perry) please credit if used.



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  1. March 6, 2012

    This sounds amazing! I wish I was there. It sounds like it’s totally up my alley.

    The Seafarer’s dome is such a beautiful space. I love the way this installation exploits the volume of the space to create a tantalizing sound/light experience.

    Great photos too, Caitlin!

  2. March 6, 2012

    Thanks Ella, the audio really captures the spatial qualities of the room, even if you are not there to physically experience it… hopefully the photos also give people a little insight into the space.

    Definitely one of my favourite places in Melbourne, I’m so glad I finally got to experience it!

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