Photograph by UlaI recently came across these images by Spanish photographer ‘Ula’ of Antonio Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia at its present stage of construction.

I was baffled to see just how far the space had come since I was last there in 2009.

It seemed like only yesterday (that I waited hours in the line to get a glimpse of the masterpiece) but the fact that the organ and pews are set ready for mass makes me think otherwise.

Photography by Thebowernest

This project interests me on many levels, not only from a historical context (first initated in 1882) but more importantly for its use of mathematics and complex model making within form generation.

Its aesthetic beauty, for me, lies in the experience of walking through this place, and the knowledge you gain from doing so. Although Ula’s photographs are insanely beautiful, its hard to capture the Sagrada Familia’s immense detail nor how this spaces makes you feel. Although he has done a mighty good job.

The act of physically experiencing Gaudi’s work allows one to witness a variety of things; how the light bounces through the space, the richness of its texture/detail, the vastness of the view, the sound of it’s mammoth volume, the mathematics of space and the brief insight into it’s creators mind (that the corresponding museum provides you with). These are just to name a few.

By looking at Ula’s photographs I am now yearning to go back. Its such a wonderful project. One which is constantly evolving and changing, providing the visitor with a new experience each time.

On site concrete mouldings. Photographs by Thebowernest

Find Ula’s photographs at



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