“It seems to be extensively believed by photographers that meanings are to be found in the world much in the way that rabbits are found on downs, and that all is required is the talent to spot them and the skill to shoot them…” (Victor Burgin).

This quote and all images are taken from my friend Dan’s newly updated website. http://danielstephenmiller.com/.

In response to Victor Burgin, Dan’s practise sets out to not only find the ‘profound’ and ‘meaningful’ “in all the wrong places” but also critique this approach.

The website leads you from one beautifully captured and curated body of work to another. All which are rich in texture, emotion (often humour) and freeze a particular moment in time and space.

With dreamy colours and subtle light the photographs feel almost timeless. Mainly captured using medium format (6×7) or large format film (4×5), Dan also uses digital scans from negatives for editing and digital inkjet printing. This process allows for traditional photographic practises to meet new age.

I asked Dan to describe, in his own words, his over all approach to his artform :

The ideas behind my work are evolving, and do vary from project to project. Most of my work has dealt with, in one way or another, the ways in which meaning is constructed in photographs. Formally I often explore the territory of documentary style photography, but conceptually I stay away from easy narratives and am instead interested in more playful manoeuvres which might (hopefully) elicit a giggle or a reflection on the absurd dominance of the photographic image in our lives.

So sit back and enjoy the visual beauty that is Daniel Stephen Miller’s work.



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