This post serves to justify my absence of late and also to show off my new addition – our-yet-to-be-named puppy! Picked up by a lovely foster family (after wandering around alone in Ararat somewhere) this little cutie has finally made his way to our house! It’s been 3 month of searching the pounds Melbourne wide and we are pretty chuffed with our little dude – even if we can’t decide on exactly who he is yet.

Being a pound puppy we do not have much information on him. He is presumed to be a Terrier cross Dachshund around 10-11mths old (however I think maybe he also has a bit of Kelpie in him for good measures).

Besides being adorable and very compact, Dachshunds, I am starting to realise, are a common thread between three art pieces I adore:

Firstly there’s Picasso’s ‘Dog (lump)’. Constructed completely from one continuous line. For me it is the epitome of capturing the complex within the simple.  It contains all the recognisable qualities of a Dachshund in its most minimalist form. I have a replica on my wall as it serves to remind me to never over look the simple.

The second piece, is one of my favourite Futurist paintings by Giacomo Balla. Titled ‘Dynamism of a Dog on A Leash’ not only does it look like my puppy when he is trying to keep up, it was also very radical for its time.

This was one of the first paintings to delve into the representation of time and space. The image captures multiple speeds through the use of repetition and overlay. Rather than drawing the reality of one lead, one dog, one woman it demonstrates how the dogs legs are moving the fastest (by having the most legs), the woman the next fastest and the lead is perceived as swinging quite slowly in comparison by only having 4 leads. It captures form, movement, speed and how this morphs through space.

Finally, there is the ‘Dachshund UN’  which came to Melbourne in 2010. An art piece by Bennett Miller for the New Wave Festival it was an adorable and hilarious live installation. Comprising of 47 Dachshunds each representing different nations, the cross country interaction was priceless.

So I hope this little justification and adorable images can serve as my ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card. I will be back onto my regular blogging schedule as soon as I can tear myself away from Senor No Name.

Image Credits:
‘Dog (Lump)’ by Pablo Picasso
Dynamism of a Dog on a Lead’ Giacomo Balla 
‘Dachshund UN’ by Bennett Miller. Photographs by Lucas Dawson/Getty Images AsiaPac.
* All other images by Thebowernest (Caitlin Perry) Please credit and link back if used.


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  1. May 11, 2012

    What a cool little dude. Hopefully he can be part of the next UN puppy convention.

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