Last Friday I popped into the 2012 launch of the Next Wave’ Festival.

Besides being curious about this years line up I was also there to show support to my friend Briony Galligan (who as Associate Producer played a major part in not only organising the festival but the launch specifically).

Held at the Footscray Community Arts Centre and with Melbourne’s often sporatic weather on the festivals side it was destined to not disappoint.

For what is quite a large open space they played successfully with various lighting techniques to make an intimate + cozy event. In stark contrast to a lot of awkward openings I’ve been to there was little standing around feeling uncomfortable and self conscious, instead it felt surprisingly like the flyer mentioned –  A house party. Hanging out on the grass with a group of friends enjoying a post work beer and taking in the atmosphere.

The bonfire (with free marshmellows from cute little carts to toast), ‘Gumbo Truck’ (+other delicious Street Meat Trucks) and ofcourse deck chairs looking out over the magical docks were all really lovely features and hopefully a great introduction to what the festival has to offer.

It was relaxed and unpretentious and an all round success.

Well done Briony + the ‘Next Wave’ team!

Open for another 5 days all over Melbourne I hope to check out as much as I can on each of my lunch breaks – (check out what is on daily here.)



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