Today my work b.f.f Ella and I rugged ourselves up to brave the wind and head out on a lunchtime adventure to the gallery space in Craft Victoria.

It was a very pleasant change from eating at our desks and it was great to finally check out the installation ‘Crumbling Ecologies’ by Jasmine Targett (which Ella played a small part in).

Whilst the handmade porcelain Geranium leaves were beautiful and tactile in their own right, I could not draw myself away from the live Geraniums that appeared to be hovering on and through the tabletops.

The tabletop part of the installation demonstrated a successful use of materials (in particular live and static, solid and transparent). This palette created a  heightened and altered relationship to not only the airspace but also the groundplane.

+   +   +    +    +    +    +   +   +    +    +    +    +   +   +    +    +    +    +    +   +    +

This brings me onto what I am calling ‘Groundless Landscapes’. An interesting fad * (for want of a better word) to pop up recently in the blog and pinterest world.

* Whilst I say fad I remove all negativeness in that label (I am completely smitten also), plus my mum has been mastering hanging baskets for decades now so they are definitely not a new or passing thing.

What is exciting about this practise is the reemergence of handmade techniques  like macrame and root/string binding.  They not only use form but actually create form from the part of the plant that is usually obscured. Suddenly the plant in its entirety is viewed and valued from all angles.

By inverting how we grow and display plants we are in turn reestablishing what we determine as ‘ground’ and ultimately playing with our interpretation of space as a whole.

So let the Macramé tutorials begin!

Image Credits:

‘Urban Transplant’ as part of the Urban Realities Project (

– Image taken from

– Ignacio Canales Aracil 


– Heather Moore

– Ernesto Nero (Image by Jlfiore on instragram)



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  1. May 24, 2012

    Look at that, I got a mention! Your photos turned out great! Love the collection of hanging plants too.

    Ps. Jasmine’s installation discusses the crumbling ecology of handcrafts with the closure of so many facilities and diminishing access to learning handcrafts. So super great to see you promoting macramé in the same post!

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