The office has been a buzz lately with the air that only a completed project can bring. The final inspections have been done and the professional photographs have been approved. Now the team can sit back and marvel in the wonder of how it all came together so well.

Middlepark House is a residential project that we (Chamberlain Javens Architects) designed in collaboration with K.P.D.O. It is a project that we are all extremely proud of.

Kerry and her team (Dave, Hugh, Erin, Tessa and Nicola) designed every aspect within the home to perfection, every piece of joinery is an art form within its self and every room is considered and luxurious. (I must admit I spent a good hour walking around the interiors gasping at the beauty of the craftsmenship, inspired by the attention to detail). Grandiosely high ceilings with 3m doors and windows make for spaces that are light, open and welcoming. The furnishings are equally elegant yet personal and homely. It is definitely one I will add to my dream home wish list!

Like all good heritage listed buildings the existing 1930’s façade has been tastefully restored. New glazing and black window framing give the house a new lease of life without detracting from the original style. Custom made stain glass windows and a solid timber front door add to and strengthen the beauty of the original design intent. Around the back the building has been given a modern pale brick and timber extension to ‘complement the early modern architecture’. Improved access to the pool and garden has been achieved through relaxed living spaces that bleed out onto the landscape.

With this project, however, the photos truely speak for themselves. So… enjoy!

For more information visit:

All above images by Derek Swalwell.

Image by Thebowernest (Caitlin Perry)



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