With the exception of last week I find it hard to get one thing at 2nd hand places now for a $20 note let alone three!

It all started this morning when Bobby, Wolfgang and I set out to pick up a stray parcel from the Fed Ex warehouse. This adventure led us to the very outer Western ‘burbs of Melbourne. We thought whilst we were in an unfamiliar territory we’d find a second hand store to justify the trip. What we discovered was a very large warehouse style store. Filthy, freezing and with junk piled high up to the ceiling, an enter at your own risk kind of place. Most of the stuff was highly overpriced which I can sometimes forgive if they had been immaculately merchandised, this stuff on the other hand looked like it had been collected from hard rubbish and dumped into place.

After coming out covered in a thick layer of dust here is what I scored  (I am slightly questioning my taste as these three objects were the only severely discounted things in the place):

The three tier metallic planter just needed a polish and tightening. Instead of my usual succulents I chose Zygocactus’ for the pots to give a bit of extra colour. Wolfy (and he’s toys) seemed to like the choice too as they hung around it for most of the day.

Sticking with the metallic theme I also found this wine rack. Now the trick is to keep the wine long enough to fill the rack!

The final find is my favourite. For the last couple of months I have been researching endlessly good value pendant lights for my sisters renovation. What I found today I think will be a perfect feature pendant for above the vanity.

What was a pendant light with an outer plain glass shell and an inner decorative glass cyclinder has now been pulled apart and put back together with one piece of glass only. As it is still a bit stumpy for the space I envisage I will order a coloured clothe covered cable so that it hangs down further from the ceiling, whilst retaining the gold connectors.

Esty has the most amazing knitted cables (see below) however there are many other more thifty options on the net.

Not a half bad day for the small sum of $20!

* All images by Thebowernest (Caitlin Perry) please reference and link back if used. 




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  1. Milly #
    June 2, 2012

    Great wine rack!

  2. Milly #
    June 2, 2012

    Great wine rack! Are you going to do anything with the globe from the lamp? Zx

  3. Jacinta #
    June 3, 2012

    Very nice! I think it will go perfectly in the bathroom 🙂

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