If I had to allocate only one word to the long weekend just gone it would be spatial.  It feels like my mind has been functioning only in areas and volumes! Two projects alone are responsible for this and I have divided today’s post into two parts to talk about each:

Manysquaremetres was the first port of call for the weekend. We intended to visit  for a quick spatial assessment and some loose measurements. We ended up loitering extensively – marvelling in the wonder of the old mill and chatting in fast forward about how our ideas could translate volumetrically to the gallery’s dimensions.

I’ve said it before (and will say it numerous times again sorry!) but the room we are occupying for the Fringe Festival could not be more fitting.

Mountainous ceiling heights, an abundance of natural light and the most sublime concoction of materials and textures. None over bearing or in competition, all weathered and desaturated in all its rich historical glory. The overriding intention, we hope, is for ‘Geyser’  to play a lot within this palette and do it justice. The beams and core flute cladded walls will work succinctly with our new insertions, creating a sequence of spaces that are provoking to ones senses. We are eternally thankful that the space already begins to evoke such things – even as an empty shell. The real challenge will be striking the balance.

{Note: Even little Wolfgang was inspired to explore and respond to the space and was definitely using all his senses!}.

After we finally vacated the Young Husbands Wool Stores my brain had gone well and truely  into over drive .

Next on the agenda was to finalise the tile selections for my sisters extension. This brought us to the outer Eastern side of Melbourne and allowed us to pass  ‘Pete’s Bargain Centre’. A centre of bargains? how could we resist.

With a name like that we were destined to not be disappointed. Tantalising my materiality obsession I found this amazing roll of copper chainlink (the same hues as the msqm beams) at a heavily discounted price. I began thinking of its potential to create transparent rooms like that of Danish Furniture Designers ‘Montana’s Grid installation.

All in all I was really thankful that we were allowed to spend time with and in the gallery over the weekend. It has given us a real insight into how this space works and what makes it strong experientially.

Now we need to power ahead with our investigations and hand made material tests. I am very excited by this prospect and look forward to functioning in a mind of volume and area again very soon.



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