Whilst ‘Geyser’ has commanded a portion of my attention recently my sister’s extension continues to proceed rapidly. The tiles, lighting + plumbing are locked in, and now all the detail drawings have been completed ready for the plasterboarding to take place this week.

The fixtures and fittings are proving to be my most favoured stage of this project and I love working within a restricted budget. It’s really sparking up my motivations for bargain hunting and thinking beyond the obvious. For the door hardware I have been in discussions with Tasmanian company ‘Interia’. They hand turn the most amazing oversized salvaged timber door handles and for one off custom pieces they are actually quite reasonably priced.

I have also spent a great deal of time on Etsy and Ebay sourcing cheaper options for the robe door handles. I am pretty happy with the my latest find (see above).

Now is a better time than ever to unveil what my vision is for this project:

The brief from my Brother in Law and Sister was the addition of a parents retreat (+study) that was flexible enough to function as a second living area and extra storage until the little girls are older. This meant it had to be open enough to flow from the existing living area but also have the ability to close off as a bedroom. Creating a strong relationship with the garden and outdoor entertaining area was also a prominent design focus.

Flow was something I worked with a great deal when drawing up the initial plans. I wanted the spaces to run seamlessly as one, eliminating the need for doors as dividers. Having said that,  privacy is still a crucial element to be maintained, particularly with the ensuite. Two concealed cavity sliding doors will be employed strategically giving the potential to close off spaces as desired.

And to finish off, what has been quite an epic two post series (sorry!), I will end with the latest view to outside the extensions window.  Country Victoria is truely beautiful this time of year, I’m so delighted that the design can capture this constantly changing landscape. It is really quite dynamic no matter what season it is.

* All images by Thebowernest (Caitlin Perry). Please credit and link back if used. 



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