There seems to be this fantastical trend of late on Pinterest where highly stylised architectural shots contain a cute little canine in the background. Whilst most are indeed staged to add a little something to the image I do hope that some at least are the dogs exerting creative license.

I think to little Wolfgang and I wonder how they get them to pose so well. If I want him in my photos his hasty exit is just a blur, and if I’m choreographing the perfect dog-free scene  he will bring himself and all his toys into frame.

I think out of all the images I’ve seen lately my favourites are the ‘Where’s Wally’ type shots. The images where you need to look a little more closely to find the hidden dog. Naively, I hope  the dog has been shunned from the photoshoot only to reappear in the final cut. Finding the best vantage point for overseeing whats going on.

For me these shots really portray a certain type of characteristic that I can recognise in all the dogs I have had.

Anyway, I hope this post puts a little smile on your dial.

Image Credits:

{1} from {2} Photo by Line Klein {3} Photo by Chris Pino {4} Design by KPDO and Chamberlain Javens Architects. Photo by Derek Swalwell {5} From {6} From {7} Tusculum Residence by Smart Design Studio {8} Photo by Emily Gilbert {9} House by gh3{10} House by Japanese Architect Kouichi Kimura



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