Well, it is officially almost the weekend and if that isn’t enough to be ecstatic about, I just received a pretty exciting package. The hexagon tiles I ordered for my sisters renovation have just arrived!

It has been a fairly long and drawn out process sourcing the exact colour, size and glazing style within my budget but I think these are pretty much perfect.

White, glossy and almost identical to my favourite precedent image from interior designer Simone Kelly’s bathroom they make me very happy indeed.

I’ve noticed hexagons popping up a lot on ‘pinterest‘ of late. I guess there is something really beautiful about their simple shape and ability to be duplicated seamlessly. Functioning like fractals and operating on a variety of scales.

The reinvention of ‘olde english’ tessalated tiles in contemporary contexts is something I have noticed and am really appreciating. Adding texture, colour and geometry to designs and giving them an extra sense of richness.

For my sisters ensuite these tiles will serve as a feature, not dominating nor overpowering the design as a whole. Situated as the splash back between vanity and mirror as well as within the shower shelf I hope they will draw the whole room together. Fingers crossed!

Image Credits:

1} From http://hexagonalawarenessproject.tumblr.com/ 2} Simone Kelly’s bathroom from http://thedesignfiles.net/australian-homes/ 3} From http://www.dustjacketattic.blogspot.com.au 4} From http://www.thehandmadehome.net 5} From http://www.pattern-matters.com 6} Wythe Hotel Williamsburg Brooklyn from http://www.yellowtrace.com 7} Chanel bag from http://www.voguepourdejeuner.tumblr.com 8} Ring by Cyclical Industry 9} From Tang Chan Flickr 10} By Edor_02 on Etsy 11} By Fashion designer Alba Prat



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