I’m not sure how I have missed it before, but I just discovered the discount paint stand at Bunnings on the Sunday just gone. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t looking for paint, nor did I need it but if there is a bargain to be had then I am generally there, scrounging through.

I find the justification of ‘need’ will always come after.

So as you can imagine I got home with my new charcoal paint pot ($3!) and vivid white pot ($2!) looking for something to paint.

By coincidence I had another impulse purchase from last year sitting in various parts of the house, each waiting for a face lift.

4 x timber bentwood chairs from the charity shop (that’s stain never quite went with anything in the house).

One chair became my test case last night and I am pretty happy with the results. It goes quite nicely with my other weekend project (with help from Dad) a new timber log table.

With three more chairs to go I think I might head back to the discount stand and do something different with them. Will keep you posted with how I go.

Image Credits:

{1} Tension Bentwood Chair by Dohoon Kim, {2} Bentwood Rocking Chair, photo by Dianne Sorrell. {3} from http://www.decorology.blogspot.co.uk {4} From http://www.amerrymishapblog.com {5} From http://www.styleathome.com {6} Flickr – Little Glowing Lights {7-10} Thebowernest.wordpress.com {10-13} From http://www.charlottelovely.blogspot.co.uk




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  1. June 26, 2012

    It looks so great Caitlin and works so well in your space. You also have a wolfie looking cushion!

    • June 26, 2012

      Thanks Ella! I’m glad I decided on charcoal rather than white now… (ps. Isn’t my corgi cushion fantastic?! haha)

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