My Brother-in-law’s parents recently asked me to help bring more light into their existing lounge room. We are currently in discussions about whether they go for the window or skylight option, which can both be statements within themselves.

Whilst this sounds like quite a normal task I’ve begun recently to think of windows and their potential to achieve multiple functions. In particular I quite like the notion of views and using the existing landscape as part of the interior aesthetic.
{Below} Thoughtful placement and scale are also powerful tools in altering the way the eye travels through and across space.  Tunnelling views and altering perceptions.

Its really inspiring to see what people are doing with glazing at the moment and it is certainly opening my mind up to not only what sits inside but also out side of the window.

Image Credits:

{1} Buddist Temple by  Takashi Yamaguchi {2}  via from {3} unknown {4} Tyson Crosbie {5} Vitra Haus {6} Molloy House by Caitlin Perry {7} Peter Zumthor {8} from {9} Flat Kichen by Label Architecture {10} Extension of the Bündner Kunstmuseum by Estudio Barozzi Veiga {11} by Gert Wingårdh {12} Werner Mantz. Stairwell, View from Below. 1920s



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