My mind is constantly coming up with new projects that will ultimately occupy a lot of my time. With GEYSER in full swing and my sister’s extension in its crucial fixtures and fittings stage I really should be allocating the little time I have left to relaxation and doing nothing.

That would be fairly boring now wouldn’t it?

Bobby and I have been dreaming of this idea for a while now and I am currently starting to think/research it a lot. Haybales. That is currently where it is at. Cheap, and both environmentally and thermally sound they are a great building alternative.

Ultimately we would love to buy some land in the country and build a Strawbale house for the weekends and holidays. Just imagine: Bobby’s recording studio up one end, my art studio up the other and then amenities and accommodation wedged in the middle, a winning combination.

It is a pipe dream at the moment but seeing projects like this by Swiss Architects ‘Atelier’ I am enthusiastic and eager to make it happen .

No longer do strawbale houses have to be daggy-mud-covered-curvacious-blobs (with mosasic tiles pressed into the walls). They can be crisp, rendered and modern. My dream house indeed!

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