Instead of dreaming up blog posts this week I have been dreaming up house designs for my future retreat in the country. Carrying my train of thought on from last post I have spent a great deal of this week daydreaming, drawing and 3d modelling the possibilities of what our straw bale house could be. A great deal of time has been devoted to the ‘big white box’ ideal. As wonderful as it is, however, now I am shifting my focus to other options, all centred around the design of the roof.

When I ask my nieces and nephews to draw a house it has very little number of components. Usually there is 2 windows and a door contained within a box. The most crucial element of the drawing, the thing that makes it a ‘real’ house is the pitched triangular roof.

So this week I am going to focus on just that. I’m going to design the ultimate child -like picture of a house. How can I fit all that we need and want into a square and a great big triangle. What are its limitations and what are the happy accidents that can develop?

Below are a few of my favourite current designs that work within the same formal principles. Each take what could be a basic structure and add interest via material, texture, views and landscape:

These projects also demonstrate the peaked roof’s potential to offer unique and interesting interiors. Tilting windows allow for an abundance of natural light that falls into the volume on a variety of angles depending on the time of day. Exposed structures and trusses add character, warmth and cosiness without detracting from the grandiose height of the middle seam.

These images really inspire me to test out this design style for our hypothetical-I-Hope-It-Can-Actually-Happen– strawbale house. An added bonus of this roof design is it aids in the functionality of recording studios, where odd angles are appreciated and enhance the acoustics of space. I will keep you posted!

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  1. July 21, 2012

    There is something about white painted brick that gets me everytime. That fireplace! love!

    • July 23, 2012

      Hey Jenna, I’m exactly the same! Kathryn Tyler style! When I finally get to build a place there is definitely going to be an epic white painted brick fireplace… one can dream ey? 🙂

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