I decided to check out the ‘Design:Made:Trade‘ expo over the weekend at the beautiful exhibition centre in Carlton Gardens. The quality of this years show really surpassed my expectations and I walked away feeling quite inspired about life and design.

I secretly had a few personal agendas to fulfill within my visit which I’ll detail below -as well as some serious wandering around aimlessly to do .(Don’t you just love these ceramics cups and bowls by ‘themodcollective’?).

Ok, so onto personal agendas:

Firstly, I was pretty ecstatic to see in person the turned timber ‘Interia’ robe handles which I had ordered for my sister’s extension. Having only communicated via email with their designer Karryn, it was lovely to see the master pieces in real life and experience how they felt in my hand. The quality of the turning and the tone and grain of the timber was really beautiful and promptly justified my decision.  Karryn and the Team at Interia were part of the Design Island syndicate which showcased some of the best and upcoming Tasmanian designers.  

Secondly, I was very curious to see an old Architect friend, Amber Lucy’s stand.   Thread Architecture is the name of her new design practise and the display was a real testament to Amber’s vast knowledge of Architecture and Interior design as well as her colourful and playful disposition. From all accounts her threaded Bentwood chairs were quite a show stopper and has earned her much acclaim.

Finally, I was super excited to have my friend Sarah Deasy come to stay with us. Sarah had come down from Brisbane to exhibit at Design:Trade:Made as part of the University of Queensland’s Industrial Design collective. Sarah’s been exploring the potentials for hybridising computerised/mechanical fabrication techniques with hand made weaving. It was great to see what she has been up to over the last year and I particularly took a fancy to her 3d printed bracelet with cotton weave.



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