Today has been one of those days where everything you see induces jealous urges of ‘why didn’t I think of that?’.  These feelings were particularly heightened today by the fact that we have given ourselves until the end of the week to order all our materials for GEYSER.

As you can imagine it is nerve central over here! Do our materials evoke the reactions we want and allow for the craft we desire? Well, fingers crossed because only time can tell…

I wanted to post today two installation examples I have seen in the last 24 hours that implement creative material choices and whose executions are beyond impressive. Both feature materials that create very specific and unique senses of space and I couldn’t be more envious.

Zilvinas Kempinas (sourced via) takes an obsession with old VHS tapes and creates a 25 metre masterpiece!  A tunnel is created by removing the magnetic strips from the tapes and anchoring them between two structures. It is unique, beautiful and thought provoking. It takes a material out of context and redefines its agenda by focusing on its physical properties. In this case, the way the light bounces off the strips, its wafer thin structure and ability to be pulled tight are utilised in distorting views and influencing human movement through site.

It creates a space that cries out for human engagement.

For anyone who hasn’t seen Tokujin Yoshioka‘s work before then I couldn’t stress more than to instantly check him out. It is officially installation eye candy. His work is whimsical, pure and one that you just want to jump in and explore. Above is an installation that he did out of white drinking straws! I hate to imagine how many is actually used but the result is pretty unbelievable.

If GEYSER’s material palette and form comes out even a smidge as good as these guys then I will be a very happy lady!



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