Friday night saw my first opportunity to use the canvas I bought a while ago. The heater was on, we were watching a corny Mel Gibson film on the projector and little Wolfie was curled up at my feet. What better subject than my favourite four legged friend and for the first time in a long time my hand just painted as my mind began to shut off. My ultimate relaxation.

By the time I was half way through his little petite face the painting began to resemble this image {below} which I had seen in the background of one of my favourite blogs a few days earlier. A dashing Daschund with a very sophisticated bowtie. {Unfortunately, I do not know who to credit for this very cute print Print by Lisa Bengtsson}.

There was something really wonderful about painting with oil paints again. The smell, the texture and the way they lift of the canvas was a welcomed change from the staleness of the computer world.

15 minutes was all it took but its thearaputic qualities have set me up to face the work week ahead.

Image Credits: 2nd image by Jennifer Hagler . All other images by Thebowernest (Caitlin Perry). Please credit and link back if used.




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  1. Rachel #
    August 12, 2012

    Love it!

    • August 12, 2012

      Thanks Rachel! We should do one of Sir Frankie! Haha still want to touch up Wolfie’s eyes a little bit…

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