Photos by Caitlin Perry

Photos by Caitlin Perry

On the weekend we were fortunate enough to get down to the beach for what will possibly be the last swim of the season. We were also very grateful that the friends farm that we were staying at was completely dog friendly and that little Wolfgang could get away with us too.

Wolfie was in his absolute element there and had an amazing time with the two cocker spaniels ‘Abbey and Pip’ and one little Pomeranian ‘Amy’ that came along also. There was another ‘thing’ at the farm, however, that Wolfgang became more fond of…  the stairs.  Up and down, up and down he rarely tired of following people, smells or sounds across the levels, {even at 5am he was still running from top to bottom – needless to say he got evicted from the house shortly after}. By the end he had even mastered jumping to the ground from six steps up, all with a humongous smile across his dial.

From the day we bought Wolfie home from the pound he was a climber. Nothing is safe in the house and even with such tiny legs he can spring up onto the pool table, the top of the couch and the bed with ease. With this in mind, I guess it should have come as no surprise that he would be fascinated with the staircase.

1} Hara Design Institute/Japanese Terrier 2} Kazuyo Sejima/ Bichon Frise 3} Kengo Kuma/ Pug 4} Kenya Hara/ Toy Poodle 5} mvrdr/ Beagle

This little obsession reminded me of the exhibition ‘Architecture for Dogs’ by Kenya Hara. A collection of famous Architects were assigned a different dog breed each and asked to design Architecture for that particular breed. What is also very sweet about this study, besides the gorgeous photos of the dogs inhabiting these spaces, is that the plans are all downloadable and able to be constructed.

One of my favourite designs is for the ‘long bodied short legged dog’ as it is exactly what I would have designed for Wolfgang, a series of steps and ledges. Perhaps this will become my next weekend project?

I’d to love to see this turn into a reoccurring exhibition that expands to even more dog breeds and talented designers… I’m dying to see what type of space a corgi would love. Maybe next time I am back at my parents I should sketch up one for their corgi Maggie.

6} Sou Fujimoto/ Boston Terrier 7} Atelier Bow-Wow/ Long bodied short legged dog 8} Konstantin Grcic/ Toy Poodle

6} Sou Fujimoto/ Boston Terrier 7} Atelier Bow-Wow/ Long bodied short legged dog 8} Konstantin Grcic/ Toy Poodle



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