Photo by Frank Foreman

Photo by Frank Foreman

Recall by Chinese artist Belli Liu is the third project within their series ‘House Phase Installation’. Aesthetically reminiscent of our GEYSER project I was instantly drawn to its simplicity and relationship within its context. It wasn’t until I looked closer and realised it was indeed comprised of 600 handmade wax drips that my true admiration for this artist/project began to swell. What patience and dedication they must possess. Cutting strands of string for GEYSER was tedious, let alone when dealing with a material of such fragility.

Photo by Frank Foreman

Photo by Frank Foreman

Based on the artists experience of their parents handmade abodes in China, it explores the idea of a homes occupation as shelter and protection and encourages the viewers uncertainty of this ideal.

Photo by Frank Foreman

Photo by Frank Foreman

The installation is site specific with the suspended 5 to 8 ft drips taking on the form of the rafters above. Light is also a huge component to this installation, interacting with the projected light through the tin roof and also a central light within the form sending shards of light into the space.

It is a beautiful, delicate and {the best kind of } simple project. One can only imagine that having a preconceived idea of how fragile wax can be as a material would highly alter the way you experience this space and indeed bring on a range of feelings of uncertainty.



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