rear elevWhen one works in an Architectural office in the current economic climate one sees their fair share of projects come and go without seeing them built. Mostly due to unforeseen circumstances projects go on hold, or take longer than expected or for whatever reason just disappear. Due to the length of time between sketch design and practical completion you also quite often leave the office yourself and move onto another practise before you have seen the final outcome.  This project here falls into the latter category and I’m so excited to see how it all finished up.

lounge fireplace dining to outside kitchen

Designed by my previous employer Paul von Chrismar at Buro it was always one of my favourite projects. Undeniably on the humongous side of residential design I am so happy to see that this project, against all odds, has achieved a beautiful, delicate and most importantly domestic scale. The finer detailing and immaculate material choices shine through the commercial sizing of the original 19th century house and new addition, the result is remarkably warm and inviting .

thebowernest_brighton house

One of the main successes within this project is the intricate custom stone screenwork which weaves across the front, rear and side facades. It really captures the light and shade and filters patterns back into the interior rooms.

It is really wonderful to see the finished result after all this time and I can now only imagine the experience of walking through these spaces. Well done Paul!

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